KanjiAikido is a Japanese Martial Art. The literal translation is "The Way in Harmony with the Spirit". Defensive in nature, the style guides an attacker's committed momentum into a circular motion that allows the attacker to be thrown or controlled by his own force.

ThrowThe Nihon Goshin curriculum combines traditional Aikido with modernized teaching techniques. In addition, some basic Karate techniques have been blended in, enabling the student to have a broader choice of defense.




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As a father and husband myself, I feel it is very important that my wife and children are educated in self-defense principles. Abductions are in the media around the world and attempts have been made "in our own back yard". It is evident that everyone needs to know the basics to defend themselves.

To help you in this task, we created two Basic Self-Defense classes from our vast knowledge of techniques and strikes. One designed primarily for women and children (ages 8+); the other for children 4-7 years of age.

Topics to be discussed also include:

The primary focus is on the last two bullets.

The 4-7 year old program incorporates games into the learning.



(Nihon Goshin Konjin)
Japanese Self-Defense Essentials

HandicappedAn ongoing Martial Art training class designed for Handicapable people. Learn to use your available resources to defend yourself. This is an ongoing program with proficiency ranking levels.

This class was designed people who are wheelchair bound, have a bad back, seniors, have bad knees, Parkinson's Patients, or anyone who wants to learn Self-Defense, but can't take the falls, kicks and/or rolls.

What you will get out of it: